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Girl: Part Two

I’m at a party being held in my home. I look around me and see my friends and acquaintances mingling and generally having a good time. I notice people are playing pool. I realize that although we are in my house. This is not what my living room looks like. This room had high ceilings, with rafters, and was painted all the way up to the ceiling with clouds. 

My living room obviously does not look like this.

I became lucid.

This was a relief to me. It’s not the fun start of a lucid dream to be in a random situation. A group of friends is much more appealing than a group of strangers.

I started mingling about the party, exploring the cool version of “my house”, and through conversation discovering what my subconscious projected my friends to say. 

It’s funny how your brain can simply know how a person would act in a random situation, and create an entirely new scenario via that knowledge of the individual. You’ve never actually seen the individual make these specific movements with your eyes, yet your brain can create a visual of it in your mind. 

That being said, the party went exactly how a party usually goes at my house. 

After a while mulling around the party, I am standing in my kitchen watching people play beer pong, and I can see people mingling in the cloud room. I see a flash of platinum almost white blonde hair, and a white dress. 

Even though I was experiencing the dream as my subconscious painted it, I retained my lucidity throughout, and I still knew I could create and control and I pleased. I still had complex thought processes and could differentiate real from dream. And I knew for sure that I did not know this girl. You can trust me, she is the kind of girl you see when you walk in a room. And I had never seen her before.

I walked into the living room near the pool tables. I walked closer to the windows and saw her talking to a group of my friends. As I approach, she looks back at me over her shoulder. I think I see a smirk cross her face. She dismisses herself and bops away to mingle. She seems social and greets every group of people she comes across. Talking in little bits and taking pictures on a mint green camera. I had seen one of these before. I knew it needed special film and it was expensive. I walked over to the group of girls she had been initially talking to. My housemate Danni among them. 

"Who is she Danni?"


"The girl you were just talking to?"

"I don’t know her name but she’s been taking pictures and she’s really friendly." 

I was surprised. Usually if a dream character interacts with another dream character, one will create history for another, since they are both being fed by the subconscious. Danni didn’t create anything for her as if she couldn’t access that information. That of course, is impossible because if they were both my subconscious, they would both have access to the same internal memory database, and would be able to project whatever imaginative creation my subconscious would give her. But she had nothing. Only the image of a nice girl with a camera taking pictures.

I wheeled around and she was standing right behind me. 

"Get in for a picture guys!"

Her green eyes almost hurt me. They are a deep jade and they seem to rip right through your body. I get into the picture with the girls, but keep my eyes fixed on her. 

She looks up from the camera with a smirk.

"Say cheese."

She takes the picture. She smiles and mingles away.

I make the chase. 

She dodges me around the party always getting me distracted with other situations or ducking around groups of people. I lose her in the crowd.


I control this, I thought.

Everyone in the room turned and looked at the girl. She’s on the far side of the big pool cloud painted room. They return to normal as I dash to the other end of the party. I see her looking away from me and I am able to sneak up behind her and turn her around by her shoulder. 

We stare at each other for a second, then she gives her little smirk again.

"Do I know you?"

"I don’t know, do you?" 

I could see she was toying with me.

"Are you part of my dream?

"I don’t know, am I?"

"What are you?"

 ”I’m a girl with pixie blonde hair, green eyes, a goddamned beautiful face, and a sundress.”

"Do you have a name?"

"I do."

"What is it?"

She paused for a second, took in a breath as if to ponder (which is actually kind of humorous of course because dream characters cant breathe, nor do they simulate it), and simply responded,


She giggled, and took off at a run. 

I began to chase her throughout the party, but no matter where I went or what I did to chase her, she always seemed to be five steps ahead. and always the smirk. 

I awoke in my bed feeling as if I hadn’t slept at all. 

Why take pictures in a dream of people you don’t know?

Why my dream?

How my dream?


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