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Girl: Part One

I’m in Central Park. It s nighttime and there are paper lanterns hung everywhere. It is a large festival, and everyone looks like they are having a great time. I am wearing a very expensive feeling three piece suit. Definitely well taylored. 

There is a warm breeze, and I decide to take off my jacket and roll up my sleeves. 

As I’m rolling up my left sleeve I see the watch. It looks like a Movado, the ones with no numbers. I look at it, and the hands are stuck at 10:10. 

I remember thats the time a lot of movies set their clocks in order to set a happy mood. 

Look kids, even time is smiling at you.

I don’t own a Movado.

Oh hello dreamworld. What’s say we set some cool music to this party.

Blue Rondo A la Turk by the Jeff Brubeck Quartet starts playing. 

It’s my party.

You can get to a state of lucidity where even the population of your dream is WELL under your control. Sure, I’ll let most of them be led around by the nose by my subconscious, but I can make any one, or number of them do whatever I want. 
I walk up to you in a dream, I say hello, and you respond. Whatever I say next to you will illicit a response to my individual thoughts. By that, I can still think in the dream, and control how I want these conversations to go. So with concentration, I can make you say or do anything I want. You can get creative.

I’m standing in the dream with my friend Joe. I’m letting him be led by subconscious, just to see the kind of things he says to me. We’re having a good time talking to a group of people about super powers.

Click click.

It’s the sound of a camera shutter.

I wheel around and see a girl with short blonde hair and a camera around her neck. She smiles, then runs.  
I run to chase her.

I’ll catch her this time. 

It’s not the first time I’ve made this chase.

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