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I keep getting asked “How do you have a lucid dream?” I’ll just clarify how I did it this last once, then refer people to this post.

Getting yourself into the lucid state is something that has to be self discovered. That being said, there are a few things you can do to rapidly increase your lucidity. Once you are aware your dreaming in the dream, say to yourself, “I am dreaming. This isn’t real. I can do anything I want.” At that time, rapidly start making things appear. Motorcycles, blenders, large water dwelling mammals, oranges, Bushes. Anything you can immediately think of make it appear. Once you’ve realized that all of this is in your control, with practice your lucidity rapidly increases. All you have to realize is that NOTHING is off limits and every aspect of your dream is in your control (with the exception of light levels… but hey, you win some you lose some)

It’s a process. Start by asking yourself “Am I dreaming?” on a regular basis. do it multiple times a day. I like to write things on my hands. I know that if I’m dreaming and I look at my hands, there will not be anything written. Eventually at some point while dreaming you’ll ask the question, and experience your first moment of lucidity. At this point you have to concentrate as hard as you can. Rapid creation. it can even be simpler. Just start changing the color of things. create anything you want. the trick is to create and change as much as possible during your first brief moment of lucidity so your brain realizes you’re dreaming and you can begin practicing. you’re literally only limited to your imagination. It’s a good idea not to try things like flying until you’ve gotten practice. Your brain needs to get used to controlled creating at a rapid rate. Flying involves creating a whole landscape below you as you’re traveling at high speeds. Doing things like that out of practice can lead to falling back into a dream that is not in your control, and your brain will take over for you out of instinct. This can also lead to nightmares, which is not something that is a desired result… for me at least.

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