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I’m standing on my front porch talking to my friend Joe.

"Man, I can’t wait til we’re both rich…."

I look at him and realize that I had had that conversation with him the night before. He hadn’t come over tonight.

I watched him for a second. And asked myself, 

"Am I awake?"

Then I made a moustache appear on his face.

It’s surprisingly easy to change facial hair. Among other things. 

Every time I realize I’m lucid I go through a series of warm ups. Things I do to prepare myself to have a handle on the rapid creation I’m about to indulge in.

I like to look at buildings and collapse them to the ground, then rebuild them however I damn well please. I’ll do this a few times and check out how I did at the inside without going in first. Usually at this point I may take off and fly a little bit. At that point, cose my eyes (in the dream) and let my brain pick a location/situation. From there I just kind of go, play. Unlimited imaginative creation is addictive. I just go through random situations changing this as I please. Superpowers. Cars. Ninjas. Giant animals. Parties. Concerts. Whatever I want. All within my control.

Until she showed up.

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